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Britney Spears Fakes

Britney Spears Hot Fake
2012-Nov-6 03:35
#21. Britney Spears looks really hot in this fake image, starring pantiless. Hot and wild, and extremely horny too! Some girls feel very shy when they have to get undressed in public. Nothing of the kind with Britney! This lewd slut takes special pleasure in showing herself off in most indecent postures.

britney spears acts hot and wild

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Britney Spears XXX Scene
2012-Oct-14 02:52
# 20. One more Britney Spears XXX scene featuring dildo entertainment. The color of the toy is changed from blue to purple, and the expression on Britney's face has grown even more amazed. But it is not all. Britney is caught in the company of another horny girl whose ass can be seen right behind her. Going lesbian, eh?..

britney plays with purple toy


Britney Spears Sexy Fake
2012-Aug-27 23:01
#19. One more softcore fake of Britney Spears which makes her look a bit sexier than she does in common situations. However, Britney is not tricked in any kind of super hot action here, she is only asked to show off some of her pussy. As for her breasts, they are bared in such a natural way that we may think that walking braless is nothing special for Britney. She does not look a professional porn girl at all in this fake, she only seems to be a next door cutie feeling curious about her body. Anyway, that curiosity makes her look absolutely sexy.

semi-nude britney spears looking extremely sexy


Britney Poses With No Clothes On
2012-May-26 04:06
Being a hardcore porn star may sometimes turn boring. Well, really, if a girl has got a perfect body, why should she concentrate on her privates alone? Britney's hips may look as seducing as the crotch placed between them. And she does not have to keep her legs set apart all the time to make her fans gasp in admiration. She can only take a little walk around with no clothes on.

britney spears poses naked


Britney Spears Dildo Pumping
2012-Jan-11 01:22

#17 fake pic features nude Britney Spears pumping her pussy with a blue dildo. More details? Well, Britney is represented with huge hooters. She also looks a bit astonished with the whole thing happening to her. A nice explicit cameo produced by Kameo.


britney spears pumps pussy with dildo




Britney Spears Exposes Crotch
2011-Nov-28 01:01

#16. Oh no, this pic is not the pic of Britney Spears you may think of. It is not the nude Britney Spears's crotch image that leaked some years ago, starring Britney pantiless in the car. This is a fake in which Britney is represented stark naked and showing off her nude vagina. A piece of playful hardcore by vangough.

britney spears exposes crotch


Miley Cyrus Crotch




Britney Spears Nude Teaser
2011-Oct-20 00:19

#15. Either Britney Spears is sunbathing in the nude, or performs a striptease dance on board a yacht, she looks extremely seducing in this fake. And really, she tries her best to show as much of her nude self as she can. She does not only squat, holding to the pole, she makes the pole stretch her bare pussy lips.

britney spears nude on yacht


Britney Spears stretching her nude pussy



Britney Spears BJ
2011-Sep-25 22:30

Can Britney Spears perform blowjob? There's a funny joke about two guys watching a girl who stands in the distance with her back turned to them, so that they cannot see her face.

"I wonder," says the first guy, "if she ever takes cock in her mouth".

"Let's wait and see," says the other.

In a moment the girl turns around, and her face becomes visible.

"Oh," says the second guy, "she's got a mouth! Of course, she does".

Does Britney suck cocks? Well, she's got a mouth... :)

britney spears eats cock


A variation of this Britney Spears blowjob fake



Britney Spears Tits
2011-Aug-15 22:05

#13. At first, Britney looked a little shy, although we don't actually know if her shyness was genuine or fake. When she took off her bra, she tried to cover her tits with her hands but it only made her laugh, and then, she went on stroking them, squeezing the nipples between her fingers. And she did not object when they asked her to pull off her panties and reveal her camel toe...

britney spears tits


Jessica Simpson Tits


Britney Spears Naked
2011-Aug-15 02:01

#12. Britney Spears posing naked. For Britney, taking off all of her clothes was not enough, so she decided to demonstrate more of her skills, and raised one of her legs to show off her trimmed pussy in full beauty. No doubt, the guys liked it.

fake britney spears naked

Angelina Jolie Naked and Exposed


Britney Spears Boobs
2011-Jul-6 03:40

"Now, boobs!", commanded the cameraman, and Britney threw herself onto the bed, letting her pudgy breasts out from under the tiny piece of cloth which still remained on. She was showing off her boobs, but she did not forget to stretch her pussy, too, smiling slyly into the camera... That's how they shot #11.

britney spears boobs


Shakira Tits


Britney Spears Fucked
2011-Jun-30 10:26

#10. Britney Spears Fucked. It's fun! It's fun for the guy fucking Britney, fun for Britney herself, as you may conclude by the expression on her face, and it is a lot of entertainment for Britney's fans, including us, too.

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britney spears fucked


Britney Spears Sex
2011-May-26 02:59

#9. Britney Spears Sex. A hardcore fake featuring Britney Spears having sex standing on the stairs with on of her legs lifted up while the man's cock is penetrating her pussy. The expression on Britney's face deserves our special attention, as it tells that her sex adventure seems to be really hot.

Eva Longoria Sex

britney spears sex


Britney Spears Pussy
2011-May-5 02:30

#8. Britney Spears Pussy... Cat? No, just pussy! We don't mind stroking pets, but this time the issue is petting pussies. In this fake, Britney Spears is spreading her pussy lips with her fingers while sitting pantiles with her legs apart. Britney isn't nude here, but you seem to have been looking for her pussy only, don't you? So, you've got it (from Peterbiork) :)


Catherine Zeta-Jones Pussy Show


britney spears pussy


Britney Spears Porn
2011-Apr-7 04:14

britney spears porn


#7. Enjoy some Britney Spears Porn! Two fakes at once. Britney Spears is presented as a hot amateur in a porn audition, and as a regular porn star. See Britney Spears fucked in the ass, a real hardcore porn. Astonishing explicit anal episodes featuring Britney Spears.

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britney spears porn


Britney Spears Pantiless
2011-Mar-31 03:30
britney spears pantiless#6. Britney Spears Pantiless. Pantiless and squatting, so that you may see Britney's crotch in full beauty! The fake also features a kind of art touch as the image is processed to look a bit grainy. Well, really... Why does she actually wear panties if she can as well do without them? Even better if without them. A very nice pantiless fantasy inspired by Britney Spears and realized by Black Devils...

Britney Spears Fucking
2011-Mar-27 04:11

britney spears fucking#5. Britney Spears Fucking fake. Or Britney Spears fucking great fake! The pic is featuring Britney Spears fucked doggy-style in the ass. A masterpiece presented by Jerry Lee Productions, as Britney is not only exploited in a most astonishing way here, but seems to like the whole thing a lot. Just take a look at Britney's face and mouth crying out in hot delight as the guy's cock penetrates her tight ass. You may almost hear "Fucking is great!", as Britney feels that big dick come into her.


Paris Hilton Getting Fucked On The Coach




Britney Spears Blowjob Performer
2011-Mar-2 01:57

britney spears blowjob


#4. Britney Spears performing a blowjob. A pop star turned into a porn star. At last, Britney seems to have made her choice between singing and cock sucking - in favor of the latter. Some people can be especially pleased with this, as it will make B.S. keep silent for a while, with her mouth and throat busy in a different way. See Britney doing a blowjob full-size.


Britney Spears Ass
2011-Mar-2 01:45

britney spears ass


#3. Enjoy Britney Spears' Ass, even if this ass does not actually belong to her! A very nice fake, almost indistinguishable from a natural image. The only detail that may reveal this fake for sure is a brighter shade on Britney's face as compared to a duller hue of the girl's bottom.


Britney Spears Vagina Fake
2011-Mar-2 01:28
britney spears vagina#2. Britney Spears showing off her vagina. Nude Britney is spreading her pussy lips, going to stick a toy, or a little glass bottle, or some sort of a pump into the hole. A very beautiful nude body, a happy face of Britney, and a really tasty pussy exposed to be seen in detail. An astonishing Britney Spears Vagina Show presented by YOVO company.

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